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Product Description

These new Ply-Beam surfboard kits have been developed by Grain Surfboards to get you in and out of the workshop easier and out on the water faster. PlyBeam Kits can be built and shaped in half the time of the Grain HomeGrown Kits – just four days!

For nearly two decades, Grain Surfboards have been focussed on designing and building the best wooden surfboards available. Making their boards available as kits for home builders has been part of their mission. Now, using feedback from thousands of home builds using their original build method, Grain have streamlined the process, by looking at every step and considering each tool needed. The result is the simplest, most intuitive build method they could come up with.

Building a surfboard using Grain's Ply-Beam technology requires less set-up time, as well as fewer tools and materials. It completely eliminates the need for a complicated workshop setup like a rocker table and bar clamps. These new surfboard kits are fully CNC-cut from Lloyds approved, FSC certified marine plywood. You'll be up and building in minutes, seeing real progress from day one. Just cut out the tabbed parts and start assembling your board.

There is no need for gluing up or cutting out the planking – and no need for clunky sash clamps or a jigsaw – because the top and bottom planks are precision-cut and fit together tightly like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Using precision-cut frame locks and plank edges, a PlyBeam kit ensures your board is built symmetrically from side to side. The new construction method allows the frame and bottom planks to be dry-fitted together before the adhesives are added, without the stress of working within drying times. The installation of blocking and the alignment of planks is a breeze, thanks to the precise engraving and added tools and jigs.

Built-in slots and depth indicators, combined with low tech strongbacks and wedges, help ensure the top planks are down tight.

On models with a centre fin, the built-in fin eliminates the need to router and install a fin box – or even to buy a fin at all. All three models feature a beautiful built-in leash loop.

The new kits are finished with natural cork rails that are easily applied in layers and shaped with sandpaper. Each layer of the cork comes precision-cut and stepped in height, giving you precise guide points to shape them to.

With a maximum length of 4′ (1.22 m) on any wooden parts, the PlyBeam surfboard kits are also designed to save money on shipping costs. All the parts are joined to their full length using precise puzzle joints.

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions are available online for continued reference. Detailed photos and how-to videos are also included.

Complete Kit

The kits are manufactured in the UK by Fyne Boat Kits. Each kit includes everything you'll need to create a complete Grain Surfboard with minimal wood-working skills or tools:

You'll also need a few tools that are not included in the kit:

Wood only

If you already have most of the materials at home, you can also purchase a 'wood-only' kit, which includes just the keel, frames, stringers, rail bands and internal blocking.