Gaco Snap-On Rowlocks and Sockets



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Product Description

The Gaco snap-on rowlocks have been developed to reduce friction and wear on the rowlock pins, sockets and oar collars. This makes for an efficient rowing stroke and makes your rowlocks, sockets and oar collars last longer.

Ordinary rowlocks rotate in the sockets, but the leverage on the rowlocks causes uneven pressure on the socket. This eventually wears the socket, so the rowlocks become sloppy and inefficient. The Gaco rowlocks overcome this problem with a low-friction bearing allowing the top of the rowlock to rotate around the pin – avoiding leverage on the bearing surface and making it easier to row. The pin remains stationary in the socket due to having higher friction than the top bearing, thus eliminating wear. Rotating gates have been used on racing sculls for years and the Gaco rowlocks bring this feature to leisure boats with standard oars.

Another feature borrowed from racing boats is the carefully angled shape, which allows up-and-down movement and encourages the oars to sit at the best angle for an efficient rowing stroke.

Much lower friction in both horizontal and vertical planes makes them quiet and easy to row with.

The plastic head of the rowlock is very strong and UV resistant. The 316 stainless steel pin is resistant to salt water corrosion and much stronger and harder than most rowlocks.

The rowlocks snap closed around the oars, preventing them from being lost overboard, but they can still be released with the aid of a screwdriver. They fit oars up to 2¼″ (56 mm) in diameter.

Fitting the rowlocks to your oars

  1. Place the oars alongside each other so that the blades are together.
  2. Open the gate of one of the rowlocks by pressing a screwdriver into the bottom of the slot at the front top of the rowlock.
  3. Pull the gate open and slip the rowlock over the shaft of the oar.
  4. Press the clip on the end of the gate shut. Repeat these steps with the second rowlock.
  5. The rowlocks must be mounted so that the arrows on top are pointing towards each other.
  6. You now have a port and starboard oar. They should be mounted so that the arrows on top of the rowlocks point towards the bows when rowing.

Fitting the sockets in your boat

The Gaco rowlocks are available with four matching plastic top sockets (for two rowing positions) or with bushings fitted to the pins, to fit ½″ sockets.

The top sockets have a 10 mm internal diameter and a ⅝″ (16 mm) outside diameter. They should fit most existing socket holes. For high-sided boats, the rowlocks will work more efficiently if they are angled outwards.