Bronze Open-Topped Rowlocks and Sockets




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Product Description

Rowlocks and sockets are sold in pairs but please note that our rowing boat kits include one pair of rowlocks and sockets.

Bronze open-topped rowlocks

A pair of open topped polished silicon bronze rowlocks. The smallest internal diameter is approximately 62 mm and the width of the opening at the top is 52 mm. The pin (rowlock shaft) diameter is 12 mm. The length of the shaft, from where it rests on top of the socket down to the through-hole at the bottom is 85 mm.

Please note that the sockets are not included.

Pair of bronze side sockets

A pair of polished silicon bronze side sockets with silicon bronze screws. These match with the silicon bronze open-topped rowlocks. The internal diameter is 13 mm, intended for rowlocks with 12 mm shafts. The height of the sockets is 31 mm.

Most of our boats use these side sockets, but boats with broken inwales will need top sockets instead.

An extra pair of sockets can be used to fit another rowing station to a boat, for when passengers are carried with only one person rowing.

The sockets come with four 1″ (25 mm) screws and four ¾″ (19 mm) screws, in silicon bronze.

Pair of bronze top sockets

Polished silicon bronze top sockets to match the bronze rowlocks. The sockets come with silicon bronze mounting screws.

These top sockets are used for boats with broken inwales.