Rowlock Risers




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Product Description

These hardwood rowlock riser blocks can be used to mount additional rowing stations or to add a little extra clearance for the oars on our rowing boats. The risers should be epoxied to the rails of the boat and then the sockets can be mounted on the risers.

Riser Type Base Top Height
Side-Mount 7⅞″ × 1⅛″ 5″ × ⅞″ ¾″
Small Top-Mount 6¼″ × 1⅜″ 3⅝″ × 1″ ⅞″
Large Top-Mount 6⅜″ × 1¾″ 3¾″ × 1-1⁄16″ ¾″

Three different versions are available, to fit different boats. Top-mount risers are for boats with broken inwales and are used with top-mount sockets. Some boats come with broken inwales as standard and others have it as an option.

The side-mount risers are used with side-mount sockets and fit the Chester Yawl, Passagemaker Dinghy and the Wherry, but only when built without the broken inwales option. Our other boats don't need risers unless built with the broken inwales option.

Rowlock sockets must be purchased separately.

Riser requirements
Boat Without Broken Inwales With Broken Inwales
Wherry Side-mount
Tandem Wherry Side-mount
Eastport Pram Small Top-Mount
Northeaster Dory Small Top-Mount
Passagemaker Dinghy Side-mount Small Top-Mount
Tenderly Dinghy N/A Small Top-Mount
Skerry Large Top-Mount
Chester Yawl Side-mount Large Top-Mount
Southwester Dory Large Top-Mount
Lighthouse Tender N/A Small Top-Mount