Sawyer V-Lam Spoon Blade Oars

This product is no longer available.

Product Description

These gig rowing oars have lovely v-laminated wooden spoon blades with reinforced edges and tips perfect for coastal rowing. These Sawyer hand-made ocean-going oars have a light swing weight and a beautiful aesthetic.

The laminated wooden shafts are crafted from high-quality straight-grain Douglas Fir for strength and light weight and are tapered for a counter-balanced feel and progressive flex. Narrow Red Cedar v-laminated spoon blades provide a solid, positive catch and skim cleanly over the water surface on the return stroke. The oars are sealed and finished with the finest marine-grade varnish and the blade tips are reinforced with solid fibreglass on the power face.

Conical handles provide an easy ergonomic grip. The oars come complete with rope-wraps and rubber stops. The blade size is 30″ × 5¼″ (760 × 130 mm).