Sawyer Wooden Spoon Blade Oars

This product is no longer available.

Product Description

These Sawyer wooden gig oars for ocean-going rowing boats are designed to give you speed, efficiency and grace on the water. They are crafted from high quality straight-grained Douglas Fir for strength, light weight and a responsive feel.

The laminated wooden shafts are tapered for a counter-balanced feel and progressive flex. The conical handles provide an easy ergonomic grip. The narrow spoon blades provide a solid, positive catch and skim cleanly over the water surface on the return stroke.

The blade tips and edges are Dynel reinforced for impact and wear durability and the power face and backing are reinforced with fibreglass for added strength. The oars are sealed and finished with the finest marine-grade varnish.

The oars are available with attractive black rope-wraps and rubber stops or just with rubber stops. We recommend leather oar collars to protect the oars if you get them without rope wraps.

The blade size is 30″ × 5¼″ (760 × 130 mm).