Piantedosi SUP Rowing Unit

This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Convert your SUP into a sculling boat with this rowing unit to achieve the benefit of full body exercise that is only available by rowing.

This efficient sliding rigger system eliminates the ‘hobby-horsing’ experienced with a traditional sliding seat rig on a short hull. The sliding rigger glides almost silently on its tracks.

The surf scull rig firmly attaches using specially designed attachment points that do not impede the normal use of your stand-up paddleboard. It can be attached and detached in seconds. Please note that the rowing unit comes flat-packed and requires assembly before use.

Rowing a stand-up paddleboard is stable, fast, safe and fun. This rowing unit works on inflatable SUPs and windsurfer boards, too.

The base measures 1.4 m × 0.32 m (55″ × 12.5″), the wing is 1.67 m (66″) wide and the unit weighs 8.5 kg (19 lb).

The seat, footpads and Concept 2 rowlocks are included.