Pintles and Gudgeons

Stainless steel pintles and gudgeons set £44

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Product Description

These pintles and gudgeons are used to attach the rudder to most of our small sailing boats. They form a secure hinge that is easily disassembled for transport. The gudgeons can be bent to fit different shaped boats, such as the skeg of the Skerry or the flat transom of the Passagemaker.

The set includes one long pintle, one short pintle, two gudgeons and a stop tang, all made of stainless steel.

The pintle tangs will accept a rudder up to 38 mm (1½″) thick. The diameter of the pintles is 7.9 mm (5/16″).

To fasten the gudgeons to a flat transom, we recommend M4 bolts. For other boats, you'll need №10 wood screws.