SeaLect Rubber Hatches




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Product Description

Snap-on waterproof rubber hatches for accessing storage compartments under kayak decks.

The strong rubber hatch cover snaps over the plastic flange of the hatch rim, creating a watertight – even airtight – seal. The design is said to have been adapted from WWII lifeboat storage compartment hatches.

Ideal for day hatches, or as access hatches on wet boats. Rubber hatches are standard in Pax and Petrel stitch-and-glue kits and work nicely on Shearwater or Wood Duck decks. The plastic flange will not, however, accommodate highly curved decks.

SeaLect hatches are made of injection-moulded polycarbonate and high-grade rubber for strength and durability. They are protected against UV sun damage and the seal is resistant to impact, abrasions and tears. These hatches provide superior protection in a variety of conditions, while ensuring your valuables remain safe and secure below deck.

The dome-shaped lid makes water run off and provides extra room below. The snap-on, snap-off design fits snugly, yet provides easy access.

The rims can be installed with a marine-grade adhesive sealant as well as drilling and bolting them for extra security.

Replacement covers

The hatch covers are also available separately from the rims, so that you can replace a worn-out lid. The hatches are made to the same sizes commonly used by Valley Canoe Products, so a replacement cover should fit a rim of the matching size.

To determine if our hatches will fit your boat, measure the size of the rim to the outside of the rim's lip (the part of the rim that sticks out above the deck) and compare it to the listed measurements. If the mounting rim is moulded into the deck of a plastic kayak, the lip is usually too rounded to provide a good seal with these hatch covers.