Lahnakoski Classic Wooden Kayak Paddle

2.2 m, 60° feather angle £255

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Product Description

These lightweight wooden kayak paddles are made for touring. The asymmetrical spoon blades are designed for efficient paddling with less splashing.

The paddles have a right-handed 60° feather angle. They have a laminated wooden shaft with an oval section for the right hand grip, so that you can feel the correct angle of the paddle blade.

The shaft is varnished and the blades are painted red. The paddles come fitted with red drip rings.

These kayak paddles are made by Lahnakoski, a fourth-generation family business in Finland that specialises in wooden oars and paddles.

Approximate sizes
Overall length Shaft diameter Blade dimensions Weight
2200 mm 32 × 25 mm 460 × 175 mm 0.920 kg