IndiTour Wooden Canoe Paddle




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Product Description

A beautifully shaped and well balanced wooden canoe paddle is a joy to handle and will make your wooden canoe stand out even more. A wooden paddle is pleasantly warm to the touch, even in cold water. Made with care and attention to detail, these wooden canoe paddles will serve you faithfully.

These paddles are laminated from clean timber and varnished. They have an oval shaft and a shaped palm grip. The blade tip is reinforced with a wooden wedge to reduce the risk of damage.

These wooden paddles are made by Lahnakoski, a fourth-generation family business in Finland that specialises in wooden oars and paddles.

To keep your paddle looking its best, we recommend storing it in a dry place out of direct sunlight when you aren't using it. You should also regularly check the varnish for damage and recoat it with urethane varnish if necessary.

Choosing the correct size canoe paddle

When the blade is completely immersed in the water, the handle of the paddle should be between eye and shoulder level. Since this is not easy to measure, especially if you haven't built your boat yet, there are several ways of estimating the right size. The simplest way is to choose a paddle that will come up to your chin when standing on the ground. This is not an exact science and you may prefer a slightly longer paddle for steering from the aft seat of your canoe.

Approximate sizes
Overall length Blade width Blade length Shaft diameter Weight
140 cm 155 mm 540 mm 28 × 31 mm 750 g
150 cm 155 mm 540 mm 28 × 31 mm 775 g
160 cm 155 mm 540 mm 28 × 31 mm 800 g