Standard Wooden Canoe Paddle


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Product Description

These paddles are discontinued and we have only a small number remaining. We now stock the Lahnakoski IndiTour paddles instead.

Standard grade wooden canoe paddle. These are excellent basic paddles with five laminates of spruce with a flat cross-section and palm grip.

A quick way to work out what paddle shaft length will be most comfortable for you (but err on the short side):

Kneeling: The distance from your shoulder to the top of your knee.

Paddling sitting: When sitting, the distance of your eyes to the seat.

Approximate sizes
Shaft length Overall length Shaft diameter Blade width Weight
660 mm 1180 mm 25 × 30 mm 145 mm 0.7 kg
820 mm 1330 mm 25 × 30 mm 150 mm 0.7 kg
950 mm 1480 mm 25 × 30 mm 150 mm 0.8 kg