Brass Stem Band

Brass stem band – pair of 1 m strips £43

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Product Description

This brass stem band protects the stems of your canoe from abrasion and it completes the classic appearance of a wood-strip canoe.

Made of malleable brass, the stem band is bent around the stem and held in place with brass screws (not included), forming an elegant rubstrip that can withstand many years of abrasion. The brass rubstrip can be bent over onto the top of the decks to also protect the points of the stems.

The stem band is 10 mm wide and comes in 1 metre strips, sold as a pair for the bow and stern of your canoe. The stem band is supplied without screw holes, so they can be drilled as needed.

Drill the stem band and install it with ¾″ #4 countersunk brass screws (not supplied). Apply a dab of clear silicone sealant in each screw hole before installing the screws, to protect the wood from water ingress.

The brass will naturally tarnish and darken, but can be buffed back to a shine with a metal polish such as Brasso or Peek.