Sails and hardware for the PocketShip


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To order £2240


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Product Description

The Pocketship is a fast-sailing pocket cruiser with a dry and commodious interior.

Sailing hardware for rigging the PocketShip

The sailing hardware package comprises:

Brands and part-numbers differ from the parts recommended in the manual due to limited availability outside the USA, but the parts we supply are all of equal quality to their American equivalents.

PocketShip mainsail and jib

PocketShip main sail and jib in high-quality white, cream or tan material. The mainsail has one set of reef points and cringles in the main, roped foot, luff and head and track cars. The jib is fitted with a sturdy wire luff, ready for roller-furling.

Cruising spinnaker

An asymmetrical or cruising spinnaker is easy to set from the end PocketShip's bowsprit and pours on the horsepower off the wind. Adds more fun to an already exciting sailing boat. Cruising spinnakers require only a halyard and a sheet – no spinnaker pole, pole topping lift, pole downhaul or twin sheets as with traditional racing spinnakers.