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Based on Michael Storer's Quick canoe, this canoe has a transom and is designed to be powered by an electric trolling motor. Its slenderness, light weight and carefully designed rocker give it efficient performance at design speeds of 5 to 9 mph (though some go a little faster).

This plywood electric boat is specifically designed for very low power – the shapes required to go at higher speeds safely are very different from this.

Emphasizing simple construction, the plans specify fastening the plywood panels with duct tape rather than the usual copper wire. Temporary spacers are used to create the hull shape before it is glued together and the spacers and duct tape removed.

Like the Quick Canoe, this boat is very cheap in materials and very simple to build. The boat comes out of three sheets of plywood, but an extra sheet of ply could be used to add built-in buoyant tanks (there is a basic drawing in the plans for a possible layout). Without tanks, we recommend you use buoyancy bags or blocks of foam to add buoyancy – otherwise, the weight of the batteries might sink the boat if it capsizes.

Several of these canoes have been converted into trimarans or outrigger canoes by adding Michael Storer's removable drop-in outriggers. These provide excellent sailing performance and a stable platform for diving or fishing.


The kit includes:

The kit includes the optional built-in buoyancy tanks under the seats. Kit builders should follow the epoxy filleting method in the plans.

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There is enough detail in the plans to build this boat just by following the step by step instructions. The plans are 41 A4 pages with photographs, diagrams and text.

PDF Plans

An electronic version of the plans in PDF format that can be viewed using Adobe Reader. After credit card authorisation the file will be sent to the email address put on the order form.