Barkley Sound Spoon Blade Oars

This product is no longer available.

Product Description

High quality wooden spoon blade oars manufactured in Canada by Barkley Sound.

Spoon blade oars are the best choice for rowing small fixed-seat rowing boats. The curve of the blade and thinner edges make the blade more efficient but also more delicate than straight blade oars.

These oars are made in British Columbia from laminated Sitka Spruce. They are finished with high quality spar varnish and have an epoxy tip reinforced with glass strand.

The use of light weight Sitka Spruce and unique blade design make the oars feel light to the hand and efficient to use. The timber is harvested subject to the B.C. Forest Practices Code, the intent of which is to sustain forests and the forest industry in perpetuity.

The loom diameter is 45 mm (1¾″), the blade length is 610 mm (24″) and the maximum blade width is 140 mm (5½″).

We recommend leather oar collars to protect the varnished shafts of your oars.