Laced leather oar collars

Pair of Oarsman laced leather oar collars £69

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Product Description

Traditional laced leather oar collars to protect wooden oars from wear while permitting them to rotate easily in the rowlocks. They include wrap-around leather straps to form buttons (stops) at the handle end of the collar.

The leather panels have pre-punched lacing holes on one side; the other side should be trimmed and punched to fit your oars. The pair of collars come with a punch for making the lacing holes, as well as waxed lacing, two harness needles for lacing the collars and a pipe clamp for setting the buttons (stops). Instructions for positioning and installing the collars are included.

The collars are approximately 230 mm (9″) long and 2.5 mm thick and they fit oars up to 52 mm (2″) in diameter (165 mm circumference).

To help preserve and lubricate your oar collars, we recommend tallow oar collar lubricant, which will make them last much longer.