Standard Wooden Oars








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Product Description

These standard wooden rowing oars are excellent basic oars with flat blades made from three laminates of Ash and Fir. The oars are dipped in two coats of single-pack polyurethane varnish and sanded to 180-grit between coats.

Each pair of oars comes with plastic collars which can be installed by heating them in hot water and sliding them onto the oar shafts to the desired position.

These are metric length wooden oars and the imperial measurements are a close appoximation.

Available shaft lengths are:

Work out what oar length you need by multiplying the rowlock span (the beam of the boat where the rowlocks are positioned) by 1.5 and adding 6 inches. Add another few inches if you prefer to row with the handles overlapping. This is only a guideline, so round up or down according to preference.

The loom diameter is 44 mm and the outside diameter of the plastic collars tapers from 51 mm to 47 mm. The stop is 70 mm in diameter.