Piantedosi Drop-In Rowing Unit

This product is no longer available.

Product Description

We no longer stock the Piantedosi rowing unit. The Big River frame offers several improvements over other rowing units and is made in the UK.

This monorail design is elegant and stiff. It has an exceptionally smooth feel. Multiplies the power of a rower by bringing to bear nearly every muscle in the body. Sliding seat boats offer absolutely terrific low-impact cardio workouts. Supplied with Concept 2 rowlocks, and black plastic seat and footpads.

The Oxford Shell and Wherry were designed around this rig but it also fits the Mill Creek 16.5 and Chester Yawl, or any rowing craft at least 15 feet long with a clear space for installation.

The unit is dropped into the boat and bolted in place. It can be removed at the end of the day so that the boat can be carried on a roof rack. The rowing unit comes flat-packed and requires assembly before use.

Wooden Seat

The Piantedosi rowing unit is also available with a wooden seat rather than a plastic one.

Mounting Kits

Each of the mounting kits contains the necessary bolts and wing nuts to fit the rowing unit to the specified boat. The mounting units for the Oxford Shell, Mill Creek 16.5 and Chester Yawl also contain levelling legs and mounting plates, which are not required for the Wherry.