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The Skerry Raid is a small wooden cruising boat designed for coastal raiding – exploring a coastline under power of sail and oars.

The Skerry Raid is based on the popular Skerry hull, made six inches wider and given a deck and large watertight compartments fore and aft for storage and buoyancy. Large rubber deck hatches make it easy to access your gear stowed below. A pivoting centreboard replaces the Skerry's daggerboard.

Also known as the Expedition Skerry, the boat was designed for author and photographer John Guider, who used it to row and sail an epic 6000-mile Great Loop voyage, which he completed in August 2015.

Two sailing rigs were tried: a sprit mainsail with a roller furling jib and a single balanced lug sail. The simpler lug sail was found to be the best fit for the wild range of conditions that John endured, from violent storms in open water to placid creek-crawling.

Like the standard Skerry, the Skerry Raid has a clinker-style plywood hull using CLC's patented LapStitch™ technique, which produces a beautiful boat with maximum strength and minimum weight.

Chesapeake Light Craft - Pro Kit

This new design does not yet include a step-by-step instruction manual. Instead, the kit includes the build instructions for the Skerry hull with an additional text construction outline specific to the Skerry Raid. Construction of this boat is well within the capabilities of a patient builder who's done a little work with epoxy and fibreglass.

The base hull kit includes:

What else do I need?

Sailing package

The sailing package is needed in addition to the base hull kit. It includes:

The sailing package does not include running rigging.

Rope package

The rope package for the Skerry Raid includes the sail lacing, main sheet and halyard.

Plans and manual (not required by kit purchasers)

The plans contain sufficient information to build the boat from scratch rather than a kit. They include full size drawings for every part. Please note that there is no instruction manual specific to the Skerry Raid, so the plans are supplied with the standard Skerry manual with an addendum explaining the differences. For this reason, building this boat from plans is not recommended for first-time builders.